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Greetings is the name of Jesus Christ.

What a golden privilege that the Lord have us this morning to minister to more than 1,000 kids under a tree at Hurara primary school.

They received the word with eagerness.
They sang with a lot of joy.

You can’t imagine that hundreds of girls in this group do not have sanitary pads! The teachers are contributing personal money to buy them on need bases. The situation is desperate. Please contact me if you would like to help these girls with pads to take them at least for three months.

What about a situation where 10 classes are attended under trees!! The kids seats on the dirt floor and struggle to listen to the teacher through the hot scorching sun. The school had a population of 1,130 students. The classes are so few! Would you like to be a blessing to this school by building a class? Please contact us.

We are Alive To Serve.


If we give three packets to each girl, that’s enough to carry her for three months, it will cost us 36,300 ksh ($335.89) to purchase disposable sanitary towels from Malindi town.

With the scarcity of water in this area due to the drought, I would not recommend reusable sanitary towels because the hygiene levels are at lowest during this dry season. Families have barely enough water to drink, leave alone to wash pads.