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Justice finally has come and the man is behind bars. As the process goes on hopefully it will all come to an end.
We attend the school prayer day and we had a wonderful time with the students and teachers.

The girls are happy and the joy can be seen in their eyes and smiles. We may never truly understand the deed and what your support has done for the girls. A place to comfortably lay your head and have peace of mind is not something they can trade for.

We will work with the children’s department to see if they can be accommodated in other homes for the long term. For now, the school director will keep them in the school till we find a solution.

The girls are orphans we need help to keep them in school for their food and partly fees to be able to pay the teachers and to help the director keep everything afloat.

If we came together and adopted a girl for $30 a month it will go a long way.

God be Glorified for what he has done so far.




The horrifying story begins with the girls being sexually abused in the home they were all staying in.  They confided in their teacher, which is how Hami Imani found out.  Through a partnership with UnveilinGlory, bedding and arrangements were made for the girls to stay at the school, which also removed the hazardous 18km daily walk.