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Pipeline to the World

Connecting God’s Love

The Kitengela Girls School Adopt-a-Girl Program

Justice finally has come and the man is behind bars. As the process goes on hopefully it will all come to an end.We attend the school prayer day and we had a wonderful time with the students and teachers. The girls are happy and the joy can be seen...

Uganda Kids Mission

November 8 - 15, 2021 The Alive to Serve team will travel by...

Drought Response

Tana River Drought - October 2021 This drought has caused herders to lose their animals and the farmers have not been able to grow any crops.  Families are literally starving. A gift of $25 feeds a family for a month.  


Why we Exist

We came together because of God’s transformative love for us.  He loved us first and our response to that love – in our efforts to love Him back with our obedience – is to extend His love where we are and to the nations.

God has blessed us with relationships all over the world and has let us seen a glimpse into the lives of others serving ‘the least of these’.  Our goal is to be a pipeline from generous lovers of God to those on the frontlines who need prayer, funding, and more.


Meet the Family

Peter Wagura

Garsen, Kenya

Alive to Serve



Hami Imani Africa

Healthwise Foundation International


Latest Stories

One Manyatta One Toilet

One Manyatta One Toilet

One Manyatta One Toilet seeks to engage the pastoralists communities, slums and other families who don’t have toilet to have a dignity life with restrooms. View More :

ENDFGM Campaign

ENDFGM Campaign

We are focused on restoring the dignity and value of the girls and women against undergoing fgm.Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a human rights violation, a form of violence and discrimination against girls and women. It is most often carried out on girls between...

Water Filters

Water Filters

Can you imagine, children’s swimming in the same river, women washing in the same river, teenage bathing in the same river,cows and goats drinking and peeing in the same river and position and just 100 meters downstream an old man with his grandson are drinking the...