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for God.  For the Nations.  for Love.

It’s a “U”

God doesn’t ‘need’ us, but He does love us and invites us into His story.  His story is one of love.  For God so LOVED the WORLD that He GAVE.

Our goal is to love God in return by being obedient to His command of loving others.  We can’t (and don’t want to) do this alone.  You are who we are looking for.  You are who God is calling.

U = You


Frequently Asked Questions

Is World Pipeline on social media?

No, we don’t share stories on social media.  We feel like we don’t want to disrupt lives by adding to the noise already there.  We also do not want to dilute the power of the stories found here on the site by throwing them into a huge pond already stocked with fish.

Our goal is to share these stories with you.  You are the one that we want to share what God is doing in these lives with your people.

Everyone has a voice.  Everyone has an audience.  If your audience is on social media, then we want you to share there.  Share where you are.  In the store, in the factory, at school, at church, on the bus, in your neighborhood…and of course, on social media.  Raise your voice!

How does Word Pipeline make money?

We don’t.  We have no desire to make a profit on gifts to the people, teams, missions, stories on our website.  We are using our voice, our resources, etc., and pouring those out.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  We take no percentage and all operating costs are covered by our team personally.